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2. Anime

1. You Are What You Wish

Better than Cosplay

on 2009-03-01 18:25:34

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The next morning before leaving his room, Jon decided to hide the stone in his secret hiding place. It was in the desk his grandfather had given him for his fourteenth birthday, there was a hidden compartment behind the bottom drawer that he kept his best stuff. It was half full with his Playboy collection and the anime that his mother did not know about.

What Jon did not know was that his little brother Mikey knew about it and would be home almost the entire day because he got sick at school.

After he got home from the doctor's office Mikey was sent up to his room by his mother to rest. But, not really feeling tired just a little sick and worse yet bored out of his mind. So he decided to watch some of Jon's good anime. When he started digging through Jon's collection he picked up the stone thinking out loud. "I wish real life was like anime with all the good looking girls," thinking about the cool ones. All of a sudden Mikey had to turn his head to the side not even noticing the stone flash as the world suddenly changed around him.

Mikey body started to change along with many of the people in the range of the stone. When Mikey looked down there were some changes.

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