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2. Jon gets Nostalgic

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon gets Nostalgic

on 2009-02-21 07:43:04

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Jon got home. After worrying about the stone all day, he was worn out. As he tossed the stone down on his desk he broke down, he couldn't hold it in anymore. Even if he did suspect his grandfather was still alive, he missed him. Tears started to trickle down his face.

"I miss you, Gramps," Jon said to no one really there.

Jon remembered the box of things his grandpa gave him in his closet, in a box similar to the one housing the stone. It held things like pictures from when Jon spent a summer on a dig back in '98, trinkets he was sent, and so forth. He went in his closet to try and get the box down, but accidentally knocked down a box full of his old VHS tapes. After hitting Jon on the head, of course, the tapes spilled onto the floor -- "Rocko's Modern Life," "Clarissa Explains It All," "Are You Afraid of the Dark" "Reboot," "Animaniacs," "Big Bad Beetleborgs," and a whole lot more.

"Wow, I haven't thought of those in forever. If only I still had a VCR," Jon said, embracing this new distraction from his sadness.

Jon then had an idea and started to search for the shows of his childhood on YouTube. After watching a few, he noticed a logo that kept appearing on the videos, so he went to the website Retrojunk. Jon became lost in the memories of his childhood. Jon subconsciously moved his hand onto the stone

"Things where so much better back then I wish..

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