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2. Karyn's Here!

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's Request

on 2009-02-04 18:15:02

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Several days passed, and Jon didn't see Karyn much; when he did see her, like the next day where she asked to meet him, she was miserable, stuck on her new predicament. He walked past that spot, giving it a curious glance but just continuing on his way. She'll come around, he thought as he walked through the front door of his house and up the stairs. And come around she did.

Karyn sat on his bed, holding the stone and a white bra in her lap. He'd left it home the last few days. "I thought of something, Jon. I can't reverse the wish permanently. But maybe I can reverse it temporarily. Can you help me out?"

"Sure, Karyn," Jon said, wondering what exactly she wanted help with. Wording?

"I've already thought of the wish, I just need to make it," Karyn said, smiling brightly, proud of herself. "I wish that for the next hour, my last wish would be as if Jon had made it and not me."

Instantly, Jon felt a weight on his chest, and blond hair partially obscured his vision. "What the hell, Karyn?!" he yelled, staring down at his new breasts.

"I knew you wouldn't agree if I asked you," Karyn said, red-haired and small-chested again. "I just needed someone to borrow my boobs for a while. It can be someone else when the hour's up if you want, they were just making my life hell. At least now we know it works."

Jon sighed and glared at Karyn as he took his shirt off, trying not to get his new long hair caught in it. "We don't know it works yet. Give me your bra, you don't need it anymore," he demanded, looking down.

"And just what the hell is that supposed to mean? Are you calling me flat?" Karyn yelled.

"No. The bra in your lap, Karyn," Jon said, pointing at it. After she blushed and handed it to him, he turned it over several times in his hands, wondering what to do. "Could you, uh..." he trailed off, holding it out to her. It was his turn to blush as she helped him into a bra, though he had to admit it felt better. He put his shirt back on, pulling his hair out of it, and looked down at the strange new cleavage.

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