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2. One year later: What a mess

1. You Are What You Wish

A different One year later: What a mess

on 2009-01-26 06:25:13

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Jon and Karyn decided to hold off on using the stone until the weekend.

April 25 20XX 6:33am Saturday Jackson household
Karyn ran from the bus stop to the Packson household as Jons mom Julie was about to pull out of the driveway to head to work.

"Hi Ms. P" Karyn said

"Hi Karyn, your hear bright and early, Jon's asleep still but feel free to go right in. Ollie's up and will let you in" Julie said

"Thanks" Karyn said walking up to the house. She rang the bell and Ollie Jon's fraternal twin opened the door. He was wearing an opened Hawaiian shirt and sweat pants "Hi Karyn hear to see Jon I suppose" Ollie asked
"Yes can you let me in?" Karyn said "God he's so hot and shirtless" She thought to herself
"Of course" He said
She went upstairs and quietly crept into Jons room. He was asleep just as Mrs. Packson had said. She walked up the stairs carefully crept into Jons room and crawled onto Jons bed put her back to the wall and pushed Jon off the bed with her feet.

"Gha Karyn why do you do that every time I'm still asleep when you come hear" Jon whined

"Let's use the stone Jon" Karyn said eagerly

"OK" Jon said still half asleep "The wish we talked about"

"Of course"

He grabbed the stone and said "I wish "

April 27 20XX 7:30am Wednesday iHop Two years later

An unassuming man was sitting in a booth waiting for an acquaintance, he was reading a menu when gorgeous woman with blond hair dressed in a grey business suit walked up.

"Hi Jon" the woman said "It's been awhile"

She sat down and picked up a menu

"Long time no see, Athena" Jon said putting down the menu "Not since that day" Pain was present in Jons voice

"How's Karyn doing" Athena said trying to distract Jon from the guilt.

"Your sister's safe in hear" Jon said pointing to his head "and Zoë?"

"Right hear" Athena said putting a gold necklace on the table "I always have her with me"

"Can I talk to her?" Jon asked hesitantly

"I'm sorry Jon but I called you for a specific reason and I have to be at work by nine if there's time when where done" Athena said putting the necklace back in her pocket

"So why did you call me hear?" Jon asked

"I was filing some papers for Senator McMillan and apparently Kame Corp, is taking over the Gibson Community contract"

"But aren't they a weapons manufacture" Jon asked

"Yes" Athena said somberly "Our home, everyone we know is in danger"

"This is all my fault If we just open the lock"

"No the stones what caused this, we can't be rash"

A waiter came and the two "Survivors" ordered.

"I need to freshen up" Athena said

Athena got up and Jon followed into the womans bathroom

"Ahh Pervert Pervert" a little old woman screamed

Jon was used to this he had heard this for the past two years so he calmly lowered his pants and panties in one swoop showing the woman her obviously feminine crotch

"My word" she said shaking her head as she left

"Sorry again about that Jon" Athena said apologetically

They each entered a stall

"It's ok you thought your sister was dead I'm surprised you didn't do worse when you got your hands on the stone" Jon said

"I'm just lucky you got thru to me before I finished my wish"

"Still I'm a woman half the time, so what do you plan to do about our home"

"I've made contact with Adduces I just need to know If you made contact with Milo?"

"No It seams like my grandfather is really dead"

"It's ok It's ok my plan could still work"

The two left the stales and washed there hands, The two got back just as there food

"You want to talk to Zoë know?" Athena said pulling out the necklace

"Yes, I'm just sorry it's not that easy whit Karyn"

Athena put the necklace on

"Jon it's been awhile" Zoë said in Athena's body

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