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2. Herro everynyan, is Chompy her

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Hello, to everyone and Chompy

avatar on 2016-08-09 16:13:11

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Hello everyone! :3

I'm a long time lurker, and if memory serves I've added a few chapters of my own to a haunted mansion branch, though I can't be sure as I lurk quite a few cyoa styled websites.

I used to contribute a lot to an old identity swap story on, but it was unfortunately taken down for containing adult content despite being among the most decent of all TG/TF stories on the site. (It was one with a college aged guy getting swapped with a girl at school, the original author however took a ton of inspiration from old detective stories, and really made a compelling character story. It wasn't just a "ur a grrl now" type of story.) I have since moved to another adult cyoa styled site, but I can never really leave this one. The content is brilliant, and I've explored thousands of these stories, I want to give huge thanks to all of the authors, you guys rock!

I do have an intent in coming here, and that is to request that Chompy, the author of arcade anomaly branch, shoot me an email. There are certainly dozens of superb story lines and excellent authors, but Chompy's content matter and style of writing really resonated with me.

I'm a programmer, and novice artist, and actually created my own video game very closely related in theme and intent with that branch. I never released it because I have since improved my programming skills. As I'm sure you all know, that constant quest to make something better often leaves you discontent with what you've already made.

I'd like to chat with you Chompy about writing for a VN style game I'd like to make. This isn't a promise, or a job offer. In fact, I have no clue whether I'll ever actually be able to collaborate with you, but I would like to make this connection before I forget. I intend to maintain contact with skilled authors and or artists in the event that I find success in my video game development, and am able to finance a real project in the future.

Thanks. My email should be linked above, but in the event that it's not, it is

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