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2. Karyn Tries to Adjust

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn Tries to Adjust

on 2009-01-08 14:29:38

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Karyn walked home, trying to keep her enlarged breasts from bouncing too much underneath her now too tight shirt. How do naturally large-chested girls stand it? wondered Karyn. As she walked inside, she ran into her mom.

"Good," Karyn's mom, Beth, said. "You're back from school. Are you ready to go to the store?"

"Go to the store for what?" asked Karyn.

"For new clothes, Sweetie," said her mom. "Your clothes have gotten too tight ever since the Boob Fairy visited you the other night. Its all right for you to go like this for a day or two, but we really need to get you something that fits better, for your own comfort, if not for decency's sake."

"The Boob Fairy came?" asked Karyn. Karyn had heard about the Boob Fairy, a joke that a magic fairy came in and caused adolescent girls to develop breasts.

"Of course she did," said her mom. "I spent the entire morning vacuuming up the pixie dust she left all over your room. And besides, how else would a woman's breasts grow if not for the Boob Fairy? Especially sudden growth like yours. Its not like your body does it on its own. Remember how your Aunt Josie got 'missed' somehow and never developed at all? Now get ready to go, dear. I may need to try on some new stuff myself. I kicked up an awful lot of pixie dust when I cleaned up and some of it got on me. My bra's been feeling tighter ever since." Beth's boobs did seem slightly bigger to Karyn. Could what she was talking about be real?

Karyn was stunned; the Boob Fairy, real? The wishing stone was supposed to make individuals who didn't hear the wish think that the results of the wish had been always in place and therefore normal. Could it be that everyone, rather than thinking that she always had big boobs, thought that a magical fairy had made her breasts get bigger? She supposed that she would have to ask Jon tomorrow. She could wish for the answer, if nothing else. As she followed her mother out to the car, she wondered, If the Boob Fairy is real, could anything similar be real?

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