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2. Message from Jon

1. You Are What You Wish

Message from Jon

on 2009-01-01 23:26:05
Episode last modified by ZamZam on 2020-04-03 04:44:59

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This is Jon. You don't believe me? Look at who the author is!

Anyway, I am really really tired of you people messing with me! Now that I got this magic stone figured out and I know who is messing with my life, I'm going to extract a little payback... on you! I'm making a bet that you are in the vicinity of the stone I'm holding so I'm making a few wishes.

I wish that you, the reader of this post, will be compelled to follow the links in this thread no matter what the consequences are and when you leave this thread and go to any other thread in 'You Are What You Wish' the changes that happen to me happen to you too! I wish that the last form you are in will last for exactly 24 hours before reverting to your original form or until another change is made on me and is duplicated on you! Oh yeah, I wish for you that everyone remembers you as you were; no altered reality!. Have fun explaining that to your boss, parents, wife, roommate, girlfriend or whoever knows you!


I'm not done yet! I wish that when you reach an end of a thread in this post you will feel compelled to add a new episode so that others will feel my pain... and yours!

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