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2. Switching things up differentl

1. You Are What You Wish

Switching things up differently

on 2008-12-30 18:14:50

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Unbeknownst to Jon, his little brother Mikey often snooped around his room when he wasn't around, usually to take a peek at Jon's nudie mags. So, knowing that Jon was downstairs watching a movie, he snuck upstairs to his room. He quietly slid open the drawer where he knew Jon hid his private stash, and was surprised to see a strange wooden box next to the stack of magazines. Intrigued, he opened it. Inside was a rock and a folded piece of paper. Mikey opened the paper and read the letter from his grandpa. He was amazed of the power he now held in his hands, but he was also jealous that his grandfather had given the rock to his brother and not to him. He quickly put the rock in his pocket and left Jon's room, bumping into his oldest sister Jill in the hallway.

"Watch where you're going, you little snot!" she said, then went back to her phone conversation, probably with one of her cheerleader friends. Mikey frowned, wondering why his sister was always so mean to him. He liked his other sister Zoe much better. Sure, she was kinda weird, but she pretty much left him alone. Then he got an idea for his first wish... Mad at Jon for keeping the rock a secret from him, and mad at Jill for being mean to him all the time, he decided quickly on his wish...

"I wish that Jon and Jill would switch bodies and notice the difference, Jon would not think that it was the stone. I wish they would decide to act like each other, and wait it out hoping they will change back." Mikey laughed and heard some surprise coming from Jill and Jon

Jill ran downstairs, in Jon's body with a look of shock on her face.

"Jon what's going on, why do I look like... and why do you look like me" she said seeing Jon.

"How should I know I'm in the same boat as you" Jon replied

Jill sat down, "Your right, your right, but what should we do, I mean people can't know about this."

"That's true, so we'll just have to act like each other I guess, wait it out and hope whatever changed us changes us back before too long"

"I guess, that sucks I was about to go to the mall with the girls too, I guess you'll have to go then, come with me, I was about to get changed"

"ok fine, Jon begrudgingly accepted, "Karyn wanted to hang out later so call her after I leave OK."

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