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2. One year later: The end of soc

1. You Are What You Wish

One Year Later: It's a Different World

on 2008-12-20 11:44:27

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One year later.

Jon had brought this on himself. He'd been irresponsible.

In the beginning he'd been careful. He heeded the stone's limits and slowly figured out ways around them. He'd quickly found how to reverse wishes, and to overcome the range limitation (by sending the stone on a flying trip around the world, granting the wish to every corner of the globe).

As he practiced with the rock he became more ambitious. When he found he could achieve all he wanted, he turned mischievous. Then when he found that no matter how bizarre the stunt people never suspected magic or his part in it, he grew complacent. And that's how things went bad.

The stone was stolen, recovered, corrupted and then shattered.

The stone was gone, and it had taken with it the mind-altering placebo that had brainwashed everyone into accepting even the strangest, most unnatural transformations of reality. The altered memories and revised histories were gone "“ however the reality remained and society was taken to the brink by the maddening result.

With little hope and nothing better to do, Jon considered the world he had created...

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