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15. Shower TIme

14. A Bumbling Venus

13. Time Alone

12. Shopping as Joan

11. An Unexpectedly Easy Cafe Expe

10. Introducing (Just a Bit) of Ch

9. Spicing things up

8. Keeping himself busy

7. Defining Expectations

6. Looking good

5. The next phase

4. Jon makes a woman out of himse

3. Home alone 2

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Mandatory MILF: Shower Time

on 2022-10-11 23:53:57
Episode last modified by Dargozo on 2022-10-11 23:54:18

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John picked up the gym bag and tiredly made his way to the ladies locker room at the gym. The next task was to shower which his sense of fashion faux pas made sure he felt embarrassed about leaving the gym all sweaty and smelly. The gym shower would suffice, it was going to feel nice to clean up

All i have to do is shower? These tasks are easy so far, John thought to himself as he set the gym bag down on a bench in the locker room. But of course it couldn't be that easy, just as he was pulling out some fresh clothes from the gym bag, the disembodied voice spoke up

I wish that whenever i'm trying to complete a task there is a random chance that an inconvenience will happen which will make me have to figure out another way to finish said task.

This ring had to be out to get him. John decided to move on with his day as he picked up a towel and began walking towards the door to the showers. Just before he could reach the doorhandle, the door swung open and an angry looking young woman walked out.

"Ugh, don't even bother lady. The water doesn't work" She said as she quickly began packing up her things to leave, "That's the problem with this place, they're so cheap, they never maintain their stuff"

John watched the young woman leave while he thought about what she said. If there was no water in the women's room then that means no shower, and no shower means he cant complete the task, and worst of all he certainly couldn't leave the gym smelling all sweaty like this. He could already feel his clothes growing restless, they clearly weren't happy with the situation. He had to find a solution fast. He sat down to think and managed to come up with a decent idea. Perhaps there were employee showers he could use instead? It was worth a shot he thought as he picked up his things and hurried off to the reception desk.

"Hi there! The water is out in the women's room and I was wondering if you know where I can take a shower instead? Maybe an employee shower?" John asked the female receptionist who looked at him through disinterested eyes for several seconds before answering.

"Sorry ma'am but we aren't allowed to let people into that area of the building", the lady answered coldly before turning back to looking at her phone. John felt slightly frustrated and more than a little offended by the rude treatment he'd received, he spoke up again.

"look I really, really need to take a shower right now. Are there any other options?", John glanced around, making note of how sparsely populated the gym was currently. "I don't see too many men here, would it be fine if I used the men's shower instead?"

The woman turned to look at John with one eyebrow raised, "Absolutely not, our locker rooms and showers are separated by gender for the safety and comfort of all our customers. We don't allow mixed showering". She said in a matter-of-fact tone while typing something on her keyboard

"Ugh, okay then what am I supposed to do then? I'm in dire need of taking a shower and there isn't another option, so please just help me out" John pleaded, but the receptionist only ignored his pleas and went back to looking at her phone. John wandered away from the reception desk, feeling irritated at how he was treated I'll have to leave them a bad review later he thought to himself.

John looked at the men's locker room, he had been in men's locker rooms before of course, but never as a woman, let alone a milf such as himself. Nobody had gone in or out of the locker room in at least five minutes. He steeled his nerves and took a few tentative steps toward the door. His clothes didn't react so he quickly glanced around and ducked inside when he saw nobody was looking.

Inside the gym locker room there were no people present. John sighed in relief as he set down his gym bag on a bench in one corner of the room and began undressing for the shower he so desperately needed. He put his gym clothes inside the bag and picked up a towel to wrap himself in for modesty. Moreso because that's what a proper woman would do and not because he thought anybody might see him.

He walked into the shower room and closed the door. Turning on the water brought a wave of relief to John. He stepped into the warm shower and let the water cascade down his body before he reached for the soap to begin washing himself, it felt so good to finally get to was off all the dirt and sweat from the day. John savored the feeling of the hot water flowing over every curve of his body as if it carried away all his worries. He slowly rubbed the soap over his mature body, gently massaging his aching body due the workout. Eventually his hands found themselves moving up towards his mountainous breasts, where he gently rubbed his hands over the prominent nipples that adorned those gorgeous globes. Though John felt slightly disappointed in the feeling, his nipples weren't as sensitive as porn would have led him to believe. While he worked on lathering up his breasts, the disembodied voice spoke again.

I wish my nipples were extremely sensitive for a woman my age

John accidentally brushed one of his nipples causing a sensation that ran through both of his large boobs causing his nipples to grow rock hard. John bit his lip as it felt like every pore in his body was being bathed in an electric current which made it very difficult to focus on cleaning himself properly due to having to use one hand to steady himself against the wall. The sensations eventually caused John's knees to buckle as he collapsed on the floor of the shower, his large breasts resting against the cold tile as they continued their assault upon his senses.

The loud splash of falling water woke John from his trance as he shook his head trying to clear his mind of the tingling sensations he was experiencing. He tried to stand up but his legs were having trouble keeping him upright so he ended up kneeling for a minute before slowly getting back up. As he stood up and steadied himself, he heard a voice shouting from the other room. Panic began to set in, somebody had just walked into the locker room. John turned off the shower and listened closely to the voice coming from the locker room.

"Ugh! Damn it man, burpees are straight up torture." A deep voice came from the hallway. John wrapped his towel around himself, being careful to not stimulate his nipples too much, and quickly rushed out of the shower to try and get to his gym bag and clothes. Luckily the corner he left his things in was out of the line of sight of most of the locker room, unluckily John's feet were still slightly wet and he slipped just before he reached his gym bag. John hit the ground with a thud, his large breasts wobbling slightly while his nipples felt like electricity. "Is somebody there?", the voice said from around the corner of the lockers. John groaned and sat up in time to see a young, 20-something, athletic man peek around the corner only to stop dead in his tracks at the view he was presented with.

The stranger was looking over John's naked form in shock, "What the hell?! Are you... I mean, is this a joke or something?", the man asked, seemingly more confused than offended. John felt extremely embarrassed as he tried to cover himself with the towel, but his large breasts made it a little cumbersome. The stranger moved closer and offered a hand to help John up off the floor. "Here ma'am, let me help you up"

With one quick motion the stranger had lifted the apparent milf to her feet and helped her sit back down on the locker room bench. John's heart skipped a beat and his pussy tingled at how effortless he was able to be lifted. The silence in the room felt heavy as neither person said anything, both trying to figure out how to react to this situation. John stared at the man who had helped him up and slowly spoke up, hoping to find a way out of this awkward situation.

"Thank you and I'm so sorry for startling you, my name is Joan" She introduced herself timidly

"It's ok Ma'am", the man replied calmly, taking another step forward so he could get a better look at Joan before stopping to admire her curves for several seconds, his gaze lingering on the massive valley of cleavage she possessed. John noticed the young man was staring, a visible tent beginning to form in his shorts, and coughed slightly to bring him back to reality. "Uhh... Err... You can just call me Alex. Umm... so what are you doing in here if you don't mind me asking?"

"Again, I'm sorry, the water was out in the women's showers so I thought I'd slip in here to wash myself off. I was hoping to leave before anybody saw me. It would be awful if this caused rumors to spread."

"You have no reason to worry, ma'am, we can keep this just between us." Alex's eyes looked over John's towel covered body, taking in every soft, supple curve the milf had. The tent in his pants was unashamedly at full mast now, it was clear he was hoping this situation would turn out to be like some porno scene.

"That's very kind of you, young man. Here, let me give you a little compensation for keeping our secret" John replied as he stood up and turned around to rummage through the gym bag. In his haste to stand up, the towel had fallen to the floor. John was bent at the waist as he searched, unknowingly presenting his big, juicy, milf ass to Alex who grunted as he looked at the naked milf with his jaw dropped. "Alex? Are you ok?", John asked as he continued his search. John's ass wiggled back and forth as he struggled to find the wallet in his gym bag. His body was still slightly wet from the shower which caused his skin to seem to shine slightly from the ceiling lights.

"Err, yes Ma'am! I'm fine..." Alex stammered, trying to regain control of himself "I mean, uh, I'm good. I'm great!" He answered, discretely rubbing his raging hard-on from the outside of his shorts when he was sure Joan wouldn't see

John finally found his wallet and pulled a couple of twenty dollar bills out of it. He turned around and handed them to Alex, who looked slightly disappointed, then John pulled out his clean clothes from the gym bag and began to get dressed. He put on a red bra and panty set, a simple scoop-neck t-shirt, and a pair of rather tight jeans. Too preoccupied with trying to get his breasts into his bra, John didn't really notice Alex watching him get dressed.

Once John was fully clothed he thanked Alex again before gathering his things and heading toward the door, his hips swaying as the magic clothes once again forced him to move more like a milf. He took a hesitant peek outside the door to make sure nobody saw the sight of this milf leaving the men's locker room, and continued on his way out of the gym.

Once outside and back in the safety of his minivan, the realization of what just happened hit John like a truck. He thought about how easily Alex lifted him, how Alex could have overpowered John and taken the sexy milf right then and there, but didn't. The teasing reverse strip show, dropping the towel, it all came flooding into John's mind causing his pussy to twitch. He slipped a finger in between his thighs, trying to rub himself from the outside of his jeans.


John was startled by the sudden sound. His calendar had updated and he could feel himself become a little hornier.

New Task: Go To the Hair Salon

New Task: Currently Hidden

Task: Evening - Attend PTA Meeting

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