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2. School uniform(2)

1. You Are What You Wish

School uniform(2)

on 2008-12-03 20:47:01

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The next morning, Jon sat in his room pondering what to do with the stone. Karyn was due to drop by soon on her way to school, but maybe it would be fun to try a wish or two out before she got there.
Thinking of the conservative, yet still cute school uniforms that they were forced to wear, Jon wished, "I wish that for the day, the boys and girl's were supposed to wear eachother's uniforms, and any other articles of clothing that they wear."

The doorbell rang and saw Karyn outside through the window, with her uniform on a hangar, he let her in, she took it up to his room, where Jon collected his uniform for her.

"This is so weird why would the school make us cross dress, it's really weird, you know we could fix it with the stone Jon."

"Uh no i don't want to change to much, only if we're sure its safe or in an emergency."

"Yeah your probably right, and I get to see you in my uniform, your gonna be so cute," she chided.

Karyn changed first, taking Jon's uniform, and a pair of his boxers into the bathroom, and coming back a few minutes later, handing him her bra and panties, the wish was literal and she wore nothing he wouldn't normally wear. Karyn, was wearing his white collared shirt and tie, his black pants with a belt, because they were to wide for her.

Jon took Karyn's outfit into the bathroom, and figured out how to get her bar on, by attaching the clips then putting it on like a shirt, he also put on her panties, they were a bit snug, but he managed to adjust them right, he pulled up Karyn's long black skirt, then buttoned her blouse, it fit quite differently then his shirt did normally tight around the waist, loose up top and tight sleeves.

you are sooo cute jon I love it you should always dress like this jon" Karyn said giggling "now let me do your makeup now we gotta hurry."

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