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2. Jon's Wonderful Wish

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Wonderful Wish

on 2008-11-09 00:13:27

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Jon's Wonderful Wish

Jon went through the usual routine of homework, then dinner and afterwards went to his room, his family noticed he was rather quiet and withdrawn but assumed it was because he was missing his Grandpa. However,Jon was not upset by that, in fact he had something else on his mind, thoughts of the possibilities of the myriad of wonderful wishes he could make, Karyn too,of course, she was so important to him, his best friend and (he believed) his soul-mate it wouldn't be right to leave her out of the fun and adventures they could have. Thoughts of Karyn brought to mind that other thing, the not so little secret that he could never tell anyone, not even Karyn.

Jon made a decision, he would wish for something wonderful, something that would make all his dreams come true and make everyone he loved happy too. Clutching the stone tightly he made his wish.

"I wish that tomorrow something wonderful and beautiful would happen which would bring the greatest possible happiness to me and those I love", he said, there was a flash and he looked away,Jon smiled and putting the stone safely away he got ready for bed, content that tomorrow would be a wonderful day.

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