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2. Lannon...

1. The Future of Gaming

Enter The Wizard

on 2005-06-06 01:51:22

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David licked his lips as he saw the avatar loading screen. Before long, he began changing his character. He briefly considered surprising Suzie with a female avatar, but decided against it. He knew she'd be a rogue/warrior type, so he thought it best to augment that with some magical abilities.

The race area was very interesting to say the least. There was no fewer than 20 different races, ranging from goblin to gargoyle, from human to something called doppleganger. David decided to make it easy, and chose human.

The appearance submenu opened and David was bombarded with a myriad of choices. He thought he had tailored it to match his appearance for nearly 20 minutes before he got it right. Eventually he had a young looking mage who wore a normal green tunic with pants and a forest green cape draped behind him. His character, named Lannon, had the deepest blue eyes, short brown hair, and a fair complextion.

When it came to his class, he was a mage, with a subclass of alchemist. The alchemist subclass gave him abilities to increase the amount of money he could get, plus alchemists had more warrior offensive capabilties, at the expense of some of there offensive spellcasting abilities.

Finally he got to choose his equipment. He had eight inventory slots to start with for weapons, armor, and equipment. Because he was a mage, two of those slots were already taken with his wizards staff and his tome of magic spells. According to what he had heard, if you got to be a high enough level wizard you could get away without a tome of spells, but for now it was the only way to go. David selected a small sword for close range battles, and used two of his inventory slots for a bow and an extra quiver of arrows. He used his sixth inventory slot for comfortable shoes, which increased his speed in the game, a seventh inventory slot for leather armor (the only armor available to mages early on) and his final inventory slot for a mantle of strength that would increase his strength for limited amounts of time.

And in the end, he got to his specialties section, where he got to choose two special abilities for his avatar. He chose "Thurmatologist", which greatly increased the amount of magical energy he could have at any given time, and "Rune-Reader", which allowed him to decipher any magical runes that he managed to come across in the game. David signified that he was finished, and a confirmation screen came up...


NAME: Lannon
RACE: Human

Height: 5'8''
Weight: 170 lbs.
Complextion: Fair
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Body Type: Athletic

Upper Body: Normal Tunice (Green)
Normal Cape (Forest Green)
Lower Body: Leather Belt
Khaki Pants (Normal Mage Style)
Weaponry: Short Arm Sword (Level 1)
Elven Bow (Level 1)
Quiver of 30 Arrows
Leather Armor (Level 1)

SubClass: Alchemist

SPECIALITIES: Thurmatologist

ITEMS: Mantle of Strength (Level 1)
Elven Shoes (Level 1)

START IN: Epic City

Do you wish to continue? Yes/No

David took a deep breath, selected yes, and saw the screen loading. In the distance he could hear the sound of a rushing waterfall. He seemed to open his eyes, and was taken aback by what he saw.

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