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2. Making Plans

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon and Karen work it out...

on 2008-10-24 03:43:17

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The next day dragged by interminably. Even with the stone safe at home, Jon couldn't keep his mind off of everything that was happening: Where had his grandfather gone? Should he try to follow him or bring him back? What about Karen? Could he find a way to change her back? What did his grandfather expect him to do with the stone? Could he handle the responsibility?

All these thoughts plagued Jon the entire day. He barely avoided trouble with his teachers several times for his lack of attentiveness. Thankfully, his mother had told the school about the death in the family and the teachers had been asked to be a bit more understanding. As Jon sat on the wall of the schoolyard, it took Karen saying his name three times before he startled up from staring at his folded hands in thought.

"Jon! Jon!" Karen frowned at her friend as she walked closer, "Hey! Jon-boy!"
Finally looking up Jon was startled by Karen's hair and enhanced bosom. Though he'd been considering what to do about it most the day, seeing them was still a start, even if she seemed to be wearing one of her dad's sweaters to hide them, "Hey Karen, sorry, I was just thinking about everything, trying to figure out what to do."
Karen nodded and then frowned, grimacing slightly before adjusting her bra strap, "Yeah, I've been thinking about it to..." Watching his best friends discomfort Jon asked, "Are they that uncomfortable? I mean... do they hurt?"
Karen shrugged slightly and then winced and reached into her sweater and adjusted her breasts in their bra cups and forced, "Yes and no... they're heavier so I need my bra more, but none of mine fit properly so they pinch me every time I move my shoulders too much."
Jon nodded slowly and the pair fell into silence for a moment until Karen ventured, "Do you have it with you?" To which Jon shook his head and replied, "No, I didn't trust myself with it till I figured out what I wanted to do with it." He then looked up somewhat sheepishly, "I don't suppose you'd be willing to help me?"
Karen eyed her friend, unsure if he was serious, "So you want to decide what we want to do with it?" Jon looked at her nodded his head slowly, "Yeah..."
"Well, we could start by at least making me a bit more comfortable and then maybe think about some small changes to our lives. You know for those things we don't like about ourselves or problems we have." Jon nodded, " Yeah I suppose, I was thinking about your brea... uh, I mean.... about your wish and I think I figured out something that could help at least a little bit."
Karen's eyes brightened slightly, "Really? What's that?" Jon shifted slightly and then hopped down from the wall, "Lets walk to my place while I tell you, " Karen nodded and they started walking before Jon continued, "Well, when you accidentally made your wish, you wished you had long blond hair and big boobs right?"
Karen thought for a moment and then nodded, "Yeah, and?" Jon, bobbed his head slightly and gestured as he spoke, "You didn't wish that your hair was long and blond or that your boobs were big, just that you had some that were. I was thinking, maybe, we could come up with a wish that used that loophole. I haven't come up with anything for your breasts yet, but I figured we could wish that your long blond hair was just a wig." Karen nodded, "Yeah, that sounds like it could work..." and then trailed off in thought.

By the time the two friends had reached Jon's house Karen had remembered the false breasts that her grandmother had owned before she passed away. She had had breast cancer and lost both a few years before she died. Karen figured out that they should wish that the reason Karen had big boobs was that she had a pair of false breasts in a box in her bedroom.
As they came in the front door, they exchanged pleasantries with Jon's mother who let them know dinner would be ready in a few hours and invited Karen to join them which she accepted politely. Up in his room, Jon quickly dug out the box and before opening it they rehearsed exactly what they would wish. They had decided Jon would make the wish on the way home because Karen was still uncomfortable after her mistake the day before. Taking the stone from the box, Jon began his wish...

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