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2. Wedded Bliss

1. You Are What You Wish

Wedded Bliss

on 2008-10-23 02:33:50

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That night, Jon was turning the stone over in his hands, thinking about all the possibilities it could bring. Being a typical guy, Jon wanted to have sex, but he also didn't want to be totally in control of it. Finally, Jon decided on what he thought might be an interesting wish. "I wish that for the next seven days reality will shift to a world where all marriages are arranged marriages and usually occur when the younger of the two members of the couple is no older than 14. I also wish that divorce and unfaithfulness were very serious criminal offenses in this reality, and that because of that husbands and wives worked hard to work out differences and found ways to love their spouses. I wish that young couples would live in one of the parents' homes until they graduated high school and that it would be normal to have children as young as the couple wanted. Finally, i wish that the stone would not exist in this reality but would return to my hand when the seven days were up."

The stone flashed, and Jon felt the world lurch; this was a big change. When everything stopped whirling, Jon looked around his room. It was a lot different. Some of the stuff was the same, but there was clearly a feminine touch (and in some places more than a touch) added. Jon found that his room had changed so that it had a walk-in closet and bathroom and a balcony where his window had been. Jon stood looking out at the balcony when he felt a pair of arms circle his waist and a soft form press against his back. "Hey, honey. Watcha thinking about?" a soft voice cooed in his ear.

Jon turned to meet his wife and saw...

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