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2. The Origin of the Rock.

1. You Are What You Wish

The Origin of the Rock

on 2008-10-21 19:54:01

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Jon layed on his bed relaxing. He tossed the stone up in the air, caught it and tossed it back up again.

"Soo, bored." Jon said.

Jon caught the rock and looked at it.

"I know that Grandpa said that I can't undo any wishes and I've seen it work but there has got to be a way without having to think about a loophole for any wish I want undone." Jon said thinking.

"I wish that I could figure out a way to undo that part of the rules." Jon said.

The Rock then showed Jon a time way back in the past. He saw an ancient Aztec ritual being preformed. On an altar sat a rock that looked just like Jon's only with sharpened edges.

The Aztec were speaking in traditional Aztec so Jon couldn't understand them.

"I wish that I could understand what they were saying." Jon said.

All of a sudden the Aztecs in the vision started speaking English.

"Oh great Chalmecatecuchtlz (Aztec god of the underworld) we pray to you. Give us your powers. We offer you a sacrifice. Bring the girl." The (What Jon could only assume was) The Aztec Cheif said. A struggling young girl was led up by 2 Aztect warriors to the altar. She screamed for her life but the 2 warriors held her down on the altar. The Cheif then picked up the rock that looked like Jon's and cut her throat with it. jon felt sick and was about to throw up.

"I wish that I wasn't about to get ill." Jon said.

Suddenly his churning stomach subsided.

He continued to watch in horror as the girl's blood left her body.

Then, almost as if the god of the underworld had heard the Aztec's prayers, the rock in the cheif's hand glew red hot and lit a flame. It caught the cheif's hand on fire and it spread to his whole body. The Cheif quickly was reduced to ash.

"You have called upon me and I have answered." Came a voice. The 2 Aztec soldiers noticed that the voice was coming from the dead corpse of the young girl." The Aztec soldiers along with the others from the civilization all ran away in fear.

The girl continued to speak as if she was on a recording.

"I have placed a curse upon this stone, whoever shall possess it shall have any wish that they could desire granted. But beware, any wish made by it shall be impossible to change. There is one way to lift this curse. This body must be buried on sacred ground along with the ashes of your cheiftain. If this act is never completed then the curse shall never be lifted." The Girl said.

After finishing her speach the girl fell lifeless again to the ground.

"My god. I.. I can't believe what I just saw." Jon said.

"This is just great. So what am I supposed to do now? Find the dead body of this girl? Bury her on sacred ground? And what of the ashes? How the hell am I suppossed to do that?" Jon said angrily.

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