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2. Game Night

1. You Are What You Wish

Game Night

on 2008-10-19 00:08:19

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When Jon got home, he immediately ran up to his bedroom and put the stone in his hiding place behind the bed. As he began pulling his homework out of his bacpack, Jon heard his mom calling him from downstairs. Grumbling, Jon left to see what she wanted. On his way, he saw his gothic 14 year old sister Zoe and his hyperactive 8 year old brother Mikey coming up the hall. "Brace yourself for some shitty news," Zoe warned Jon, "Mom's having another 'game night'."

Jon groaned inwardly. Once every two or three months, Linda Madison liked to have some of her friends and their families over for a "family game night". These game nights usually entailed the adults playing a game while the children did their own thing. Jon supposed it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the people his mother usually invited. Arriving downstairs, Jon found his mom in the kitchen making appetizers. "I'm here, what did you need," Jon asked.

Linda turned toward her son. At 38, the 5' 7" Linda was fighting off the signs of aging quite well. Sure, maybe her 38C breasts sagged just a little and her shapely hips and butt weren't quite as tight as they once were, but she still had an attractive face and luxurious wavy dirty blonde hair down to her shoulder blades. Seeing Jon, she smiled and answered, "Jon, good; you're the last person I need to tell. We're having game night tonight. Everybody will be here at 7; I need you to dust and sweep the downstairs."

Jon sighed and replied, "Yes, mother. Out of curiosity, who is coming?"

Linda ran through the list. "Well, tonight is more family focused. Uncle Gary and Aunt Sharon are bringing Sally and Danny. Uncle Dwayne and Aunt Liz are coming, too. Of course Susan is coming, and Sarah's coming with her. And apparently Sarah is bringing her boyfriend, that Biff Meadows. Also, Zoe invited Athena and you can invite one friend too."

As Jon left to do his chores, he winced. Aunt Sharon and Aunt Liz were Linda's sisters. Sharon looked and acted a lot like his mom did six years ago, only with dark brown hair that was almost raven colored and breasts swollen from the milk she fed her son Danny. Liz was a little shorter and normally lighter built than her sisters; she was 5'2" and 115 lbs before getting pregnant for the first time. Now nearly 8 months along, she was clearly showing. The pregnancy suited her though, as the quiet brunette seemed brighter and cheerier than usual. Gary, Sharon's husband, was two years older and looked older. Never a huge guy at 5' 10", he had gained a lot of weight since marrying, and now was a bit of a roly-poly at 265 lbs. He worked with Jon's dad Mark at the bank. Gary and Liz also had a 6 year old daughter, Sally. Dwayne was Liz's husband. He was a year older than she at 29, and the life of a construction worker had only added to his athletic physique; he was a looker at 6' 4" and 240 lbs.

As bad as the family was, the others his mother had mentioned were worse. Susan McMillian was Linda's best friend since high school. The two had been on the cheerleading squad together and each had actually dated the other's husband for a while. Now divorced, the 37 year old Susan was on the hunt for a new man. As a result, the normally attractive woman had put effort into making herself even more beautiful: natural golden blonde wavy hair halfway down her back, a mellow but noticeable tan, beautiful piercing blue eyes, a hard but attractive face that could easily pass for ten years younger, a 5' 6" body that framed a sexy 36-25-36 hourglass figure, long, toned legs, and of course her mesmerizing DD breasts. Susan was rich by inheritance and had never worked. All of this made the woman beautiful but a bitch if you weren't her friend. The fact that Susan's 16 year old daughter was Jon's nemesis the red-hot but bitchy head cheerleader Sarah McMillian just made it worse. Seventeen year old Biff Meadows, captain of the football team and Sarah's current beau, made a point of making Jon's hell at school; Jon couldn't imagine what Biff would do tonight. Ironically, Athena Wright was the easiest to like out of the bunch. Fifteen and a freshman, Zoe's gothic friend was dark but would leave you alone if you left her alone. Athena was taller and curvier than the slim Zoe, and would have been gorgeous if her red hair wasn't streaked with black and her style choices weren't gothic.

After calling Karyn to invite her over as his friend for the evening, Jon began dusting like Linda had asked him. As he cleaned, Jon brooded on the plans for the evening until he realized that with the stone he could make it go away! Or... Jon grinned as he realized that with the stone, he might actually be able to enjoy the evening.

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