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2. Diva D.

1. The Future of Gaming

David Forms a Strategy

on 2005-06-02 21:23:53

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Now I'm no beginner when it comes to MMORPGs, in fact I've played my fair share. I've learned how these things generally work out.

First and foremost, wizard types don't tend to do so well in small parties, because they're usually too specialised to survive their early experience levels in combat on their own. Suzie chose to be a Rogue, usually a versatile class. She'll probably be competent, but not great, in battles.

This means, if we want to go adventuring by ourselves, I should really take a class that's heavy on the fighting. I've no problem with that, generic fighters are usually the best way to explore game worlds your first time round after all, but I did want to check out the way spellcasting works in FOG. I decide to go with a dual class character, a Fighter/Mage.

So I roll up a profile, and adjust my stats to make a favourable one for both my class choices.

Right, now I can think about the rest of my character's details. I pick Human for my race and I decide to take a female character. It's really a no-brainer. If you appear female in a MMORPG most male players tend to treat you much nicer, some of the lonelier ones will even give you free items and stuff as gifts. And it's a fact that there are far more male players online than female. If I take a female character who's a bit of a hottie, I can really use this to my advantage. Especially if I flirt a little too! What guys will do a wink from a smiley is quite pathetic.

Actually, this could work well into my classes. As a Mage, my character can't wear any armour, which kinda inconveniences her as a Fighter. So under specialities, I choose Bikini Warrior, which means she gets a big armour bonus while wearing only items of clothing with the "Skimpy" subtype. That should give her the protection I need while maximising her charm with the guys. Being a Human gives her extra specialities to compensate for the lack of racial bonuses, so I take Swordmaster and Critical Strike (Swords) to improve her combat abilities with my weapon of choice.

For my starting spells, I'll go with the basics. Fireball (which starts real small, but improves well with experience) and Identify (to decipher any magic items Suzie and I find while adventuring). I can branch out with more interesting spells for her later.

All that's left is to create my character's name and appearance. Of course, I go to town with her looks. She needs to get noticed, after all!

When I'm finished, the 3D character model in front of me is a walking, pouting little sexpot. She has a rich dark tan, bright blue eyes, long eyelashes and thick pouting lips with glossy black lipstick. Wavy red hair reaches down to the small of her back. She is 6'2" in height and delicately muscled, with a waspy thin waist. From there her hips grow wide and end with a large, perfect peach of a rear end, which sits atop her long smooth legs.

And her breasts! Oh, her breasts took as long to create as the rest of her body put together. Well okay, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration - but then so are her boobs! They are large and round, of course, but not too large as to be seen as ridiculous. Still, they're the kind of size you'd only find on a pornstar, large and outlandish enough to attract attention but still sexy and appealing.

But wait, this is an RPG isn't it? There's going to be other guys out there playing as sexy females of their own design. I gotta stand out from the crowd! Well okay, make them bigger. Bigger. Smaller. Bigger. Is that too big? It's like a crime that I only get to choose one size, it's so hard to choose. Bigger. No, that's too big, shrink them a little. Okay, now a little rounder. That looks about right. Okay, zoom out. Wow! They're huge, but she still looks really hot with those melons. They should definitely get her noticed, that's for sure!

Okay, this bombshell needs a name. Crass names like Foxyboobs Titslut are right out, this has to be a name a female gamer might choose for her avatar to complete the illusion I'm trying to create. It should be something either cute, or sexy in a sophisticated kinda way. Hmmm, my name is David, so... Diva? Diva D? Ooh, that's clever! It's my name backwards too. Okay, I'll go with that:

NAME: Diva D.

Cool. Let's get this show on the road!

Is your character ready?

Yup. Let's go.

Are you sure?

Yes already!


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