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2. My idea of MW section of Karyn

1. The Forum

Well my idea

on 2016-06-23 21:51:10

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Well as you see from it, I'm new writer. very unexpecice but I felt I want touch theme of loss of identity and loss one sense of self.

Jon is very sad and drpess and yet he put fake persoan of happiness that make he seem that he not suffer that everything is fine but as we know, how can thing be that way.

Karnyn doesn't want to feel, I mean put yourself in her shoe and have your mother being secretly been best friend and you didn't even know it, for whole life base on lie. I mean she feel anger yet sad and she doesn't know how to feel and really express yet she want give jon hope by reveal that It not certain that permanent time loop but rather he simple went into pallel universe where it just almost seem like that.

This going very existential angst story and expess it be upward battle to fix things, but I think that how should be.

Jon has been play role of mother for so long that seem almost naturally yet he still it awful mask that he wear.

Happiness lies trapped in misery as they say

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