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2. giving away the Stone

1. You Are What You Wish

giving away the Stone

on 2008-09-26 00:21:04

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It Had been a few months since Jon had gotten the stone, he and Karyn had used the stone for some fun, for a time Jon ended up a girl, or a kid, or both, while it seemed less bad things happened to Karyn.

Even with limitless magic, it somehow got old and Jon came up with the idea to give the stone temporarily to someone else, he would allow Karyn and himself, to see the changes to reality and make it all change back after a month.

Jon said I Wish That For One Month, The Stone would be sent to ... along with a note explaining the rules, and during that month Karyn and Myself Would notice any changes in reality, and at the end of the month all changes would return to normal the stone would come back to my possession, and ... would forget about the whole thing."

"there that should make for an interesting month." Jon said as the stone teleported away"

"Are you sure ... was a good idea?" Karyn asked

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