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2. Room of Eternity

1. You Are What You Wish

Room of Eternity

on 2008-09-19 07:17:58

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Jon didn't think that making any wishes on this plane of reality was a very good idea. So he decided to make his own temporary one.

After writing and rewriting, Jon finally came to what he thought was the best way to say his wishes:

"I wish that against the north wall of my room a door will appear, visible only to me, that opens to a place of infinite space and where no time passes, to be known now as the Room of Eternity. As long as the door is shut and I am in the Room of Eternity, time will stop in the outside world. Time will not restart until I am out of the Room of Eternity and the door is closed. The Room of Eternity is not a reality, so it and anything in it, including me, can therefore be manipulated in any way that I see fit. No change is permanent, but will stay that way until I say otherwise."

Jon knew he would get lonely, so:

"I wish that no one else can step foot inside the Room of Eternity unless I am standing with one foot in both realms: the Room of Eternity and the outside world. No one else can step foot outside the Room of Eternity unless I am standing with one foot in both realms."

The next part Jon thought was particularly ingenious:

"I wish that when I, or anyone else, leaves the Room of Eternity, they will not have aged since entering, thus looking exactly the same as when they entered."

Unfortunately, he needed a reason to leave a world where he could change anything and everything at his leisure:

"I wish that no one, including me, can enter the Room of Eternity for the same amount of time they were in there previously. However the door will continue to be visible only to me. When the Room of Eternity is closed, the door to it will be red. But when the Room of Eternity is open, the door to it will be green."

And finally, so Jon wouldn't have to start over every time he came into the room:

"I wish that everything in the Room of Eternity would remain the same whenever I and others leave the Room of Eternity. This does not include people in the Room of Eternity who originated from the outside world."

Jon could feel the power within the rock as it generated all these awesome wishes. When it cooled down, Jon looked over to his north wall to find a green door, snuggled between his closet and his bed, with a nightstand in front of it.

Jon couldn't wait to see what he could do in a world of unlimited potential, so he moved aside the nightstand and reached for the doorknob...

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