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2. Meat School

1. You Are What You Wish

Meat School

on 2008-09-02 17:26:06

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When Jon got up the next morning, he had his usual morning wood. He wondered to the bathroom to relieve himself, wondering what he should use his new wishstone for.
After he finished peeing, he started to stroke himself, fantasizing.
Unbeknownst to anyone but Jon, he was actually gay, and when he fantasized, it was about hot guys with hot cocks.
As he got more and more excited, he thought about how great it would be to live out one of his fantasies. He quickly came thinking about how great today was going to be.

After he had cleaned up, showered and dressed, he grabbed his wishstone and sat on his bed.
He had thought about it a fair amount while showering, and knew what he wanted to do.

"I wish that Karyn would completely forget about the wishstone, and that her memories would match everyone else's about her bigger breats." Jon had to look away as the stone flashed. With that out of the way, he turned to the wish that he was really excited about.
"I wish that it was completely normal for guys at my school to beat off in class, and that they wouldn't be self conscious about it in the least. They also wouldn't mind if anyone watches them while they do it." The stone flashed again, forcing Jon to look away. Making the last wish had gotten Jon excited all over again, so he had to relax and think about other things, like a test he was supposed to have today in math class. Once his erection had gone down again, he grabbed his school bag, headed to the basement, had breakfast, and left the house to go to school.

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