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2. Jon's Odd Idea!

1. You Are What You Wish

Werecreatures? What Kind?

on 2008-08-22 19:14:15

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As Jon got home from school, he had an idea. The stone could easily screw things up, sure. But if one made a wish that counted on it being screwed up...

With this thought in mind, he ran up to his room, speaking his wish very clearly. "I wish that someone I know would become a sort of werecreature, under the guidelines I am about to state." Jon could feel the energy buzzing within the stone, waiting for him to continue.

"Number one: the transformation happens every night, as the sun sets, and the afflicted turns back to their normal state at sunrise. Number two: the afflicted becomes a random living thing, fictional or nonfictional, with the exception of bacteria and easily-killed or hunted things like any type of insect. Number three: the affliction can be spread in a random way appropriate to the creature the afflicted becomes. Number four: the afflicted cannot remember how or when they became afflicted."

The energy in the stone released in a flash of light, and Jon set out to watch the sun after another quick wish: "I wish I recognized the werecreature when I saw it, and that it would come within sight of me at least once but not attack."

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