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2. Quick Fix

1. You Are What You Wish

Quick Fix

avatar on 2008-08-11 22:05:04

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As Jon walked home with Karyn, he heard nothing but complaints from her about her wish-enhanced attributes. She told Jon to think of some wish to reverse what had happened. Maybe there was some sort of loophole to get around the dumb wish she had made.

Before parting ways, Jon said he'd think about it. But, really, the answer was simple.

So, when he got home, he made his wish. "I wish it was normal for Karyn to have the body that she has right now." The stone glowed, indicating that the wish had been granted.

Jon smiled. Now Karyn wouldn't be complaining anymore. But then a thought occured to him, which turned his smile into a frown. Maybe he had wished too quickly. He knew about girls who grew up looking attractive. They had a completely different lifestyle than what girls like Karyn had. They had different friends, they wore different clothes, they talked different, acted different, even thought different. Jon thought that if Karyn thought that her body was normal, then she'd feel comfortable with it and stop complaining. But what if the wish did more than that? Were they even friends anymore? It disgusted him to think that she might be in a different social circle, like Sarah McMillan's. And it disgusted him even more that he was the one that made this possible.

There was only one way to find out.

Jon pulled out his cell phone and called Karyn ...

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