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2. A Dark Presence

1. You Are What You Wish

Evil incarnate

on 2008-08-06 03:17:18

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That night, as Jon slept, someone stood over him. "So...this is the current owner of the stone? Feh. Soon, it will be mine again." the creature said. It had no fear that the boy would wake. The creature had no body of it's own. It could come and go as it pleased, and was never seen by potential foes.

However, his lack of a corporeal form left the creature unable to do a number of things, such as using the stone. The key to ultimate power. For that, it would need to...borrow a body. This boy, however, seems to have been protected. Most likely by the very stone the creature now sought. However, there were plenty of other humans who were close to the boy.

"I will just have to...make use of one of these human's in order to attain the stone. Then, I will shape this world to fit my own image." it said. It then left the boy's presence, seeking out a body...

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