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2. Investigating the Mystery

1. You Are What You Wish

Investigating the Mystery

on 2008-07-23 21:56:16

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Later that evening, homework done, I sat in my room, pondering the whole situation. I knew the stone was dangerous - just look what Karyn had managed to do to herself in just a few minutes - but at the same time having so much power sitting in the drawer under my bed was distracting.

I knew there was something more to my Grandfather's note than met the eye. Was he really dead? Did he have an ulterior motive for sending me the stone? What was really going on here?

I sat staring at the sunset for while before I realise what an idiot I was being! If I wanted answers I could just wish for answers. Although, on further reflection that seemed inadequate. What I really wanted was to talk to my Grandfather about all this. Well, the stone could maybe help with that too.

After a few moments spent summoning the courage, I grabbed the stone from its hiding place and held it in my hand and made the wish I'd thought out.

"I wish that if my grandfather is alive that I would transport to where he is in a position where I can see him and that no harm or change would come to me as a result."

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