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2. Body Part Transformations, or

1. The Forum

My personal favorite transformation type...

on 2016-06-02 02:56:21

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Hello. I'm posting here to try to find more content of my favorite type of transformation: body part transformations. That is, the transformation of one person into a body part (usually penis/vagina/butt/breasts) of another person. It is usually categorized under inanimate or conjointment. The common term for this transformation, FTP, short for "Frotterotransformationalpartialism", was coined in a short story written by Lurking Tentacle and hosted on Naga's Den. The most popular version of this transformation is cock transformation, or CTF, which has a notable (but probably coincidental) overlap with furry fans.

The episodes that I've found so far on Fiction Branches are as follows:;=nospamstory;=nospamstory;=nospamstory;=nospamstory;=nospamstory;=nospamstory;=nospamstory;=nospamstory

Due to the extremely niche nature of FTP transformations in combination with the sheer amount of content on these interactive fiction websites, searching for these stories is often very difficult and usually fruitless. I feel like I have found a pretty reasonable fraction of what actually exists, but it is impossible to say for certain. If you know of any others, please share!

Or if you're a writer and this type of transformation interests you, please feel free to continue or make a branch of any of the above stories. More content is always welcome!

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