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6. Changes at Karyn's

5. His Mom the Pornstar

4.'re a slut!

3. First Target: Mom

2. A New Truth 2

1. You Are What You Wish

A New Truth 2: Changes at Karyn's

on 2012-01-04 18:39:54

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After he was, finished, with his mother, Jon got dressed and went for a walk. He needed time to think about what to do with his new power. He had already really changed his life with his commands to his mother. He had to be certain the next change he made was one he wanted.

For whatever reason, the next time he looked up, he was passing Karyn's house. He decided to go in and talk to her, maybe get some ideas. We walked up and nocked on their door. It was answered by Karyn's mom.' 
"Hey Jon. I wasn't expecting you to come over."
"Of course you were. I spend some much of my spare time over here that you practically consider me the son you never had, but you are okay with any relationships that Karyn and I might have in the future. I fact, you would be quite happy if Karyn and I started a Girlfriend/Boyfriend relationship with sex being a highly likely possibility."
"Of course I do, sweetie!" she said, giving him a hug. "Karyn's in the shower right now, so wait in her room, okay?"
"Of course, Ms, Scott."

He wasn't going to wait, ' however. After the experience with his mother, he had ever intention of experimenting with someone his own age. Out loud, but quiet enough no one could her him, he said, "Karyn has been my steady girlfriend ever since we entered high school. We have just started having sex this year and it has only made us grow closer to each other. We are deeply in love with each other and would never think of cheating on the other. We are nearly inseparable, having reorganized our schedules so we have all of the same classes and spending nights over at each others houses. We both have a stash of cloths at the others house so we can get changed there. Karyn loves her curly blonde hair with light brown highlights. Even though she has beautiful C cup breasts, a perfect ass, and amazing good looks, she is generally very humble. She is the star of her tennis team and has only lost a few matches. She and I have exchanged first and second place with each other for all academic awards since Kindergarten, and she is second smartest in the school after myself.
I am the star of the soccer team, at least as good at it as Karyn is at tennis. Though I am not in the football crowd, I am fairly popular at school because I am on the soccer team. Karyn has a similar position because of her tennis ability. Because of our bridge between the two groups, Karyn and I have been the cause for many lasting couple between a tennis girl and a soccer boy."

Jon stopped to admire his work. Now the pictures showed pictures of an athletic version of himself and a hot version of Karyn at various events. There were now several awards on shelves in the hallways. Just before he entered the bathroom, Jon realized that there was no way the two of them could fit in her bathtub. Of course, he just had to say the word and that was no longer true.

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