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9. Little by little

8. Sleepy Time

7. Everything looks the same

6. Jon's Fantasy

5. Who else, but Karen?

4. Femdom with mind control

3. Jon’s Fetish

2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish

Little by little

on 2022-09-16 04:44:51

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For Jon, barely a moment passed before he was conscious and aware once again.

Several things were immediately apparent to him. First, he couldn't seem to move any part of his body, except his eyes.

Second, he was now sitting where Karen had been, only a second earlier, as far as he knew.

Third, directly in his eye line, Karen sat, balanced on his study chair's back legs, casually reading a magazine of some sort, seemingly paying him no attention at all.

As Jon's eyes roamed around the room, he was able to pick up bits of information about himself.

He could feel that he wasn't dressed in his usual clothes, instead of the dark T-shirt and jeans he usually sported, whatever he was in was pretty much white.

The way he was sitting was strange too, back straight, knees together, and what was going on with his feet? He could feel shoes all the way along the underside of his feet, and yet it seemed to his toes were pointed down and heels up higher.

With a thud, Karen's chair went back to all four feet on the ground and she spun around, smiling broadly, " Ah, about time you joined us."

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