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6. An inadvertant change

5. Zoe Leaves for the Mall

4. Junk Food Before Dinner

3. First Target: Zoe

2. A New Truth 2

1. You Are What You Wish

An inadvertant change

on 2008-07-21 01:23:02

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Jon plopped down onto the couch next to his mom.

"I hope she doesn't buy anything this time," said Jon's mom. "I don't want to have to ground her, but she has to learn not to buy everything she sees just because she has the money."

"I'm sure she'll be fine mom," said Jon. "I doubt she wants a repeat of the big family meeting from last time. Yup, she'll shape up and not to impulse buy, if only to avoid the embarrassment."

On the bus. Zoe firmed her resolve. She wasn't going to go through the family 'intervention' again. She would just have to resist the temptation. It wouldn't be too hard, since most of her friends were in on it anyway.

"I guess you're right, son. Now if only your father and I could work out our differences so easily. I swear, the marriage counseling does nothing." She turned to him, seriously. "You meant what you said, right? If he has another affair, we're all in agreement that he's getting kicked out? I know it's a big thing to ask all of you..."

"Mom, just like I said before, if he really is cheating on you, then he gets the boot. But I still say you are imagining it."

Across town, Jon's father, Sam, who was at that moment giving his ripe 20 year old executive assistant a thorough ass pounding, suddenly vanished. He and his assistant reappeared in his office, both of them working frantically, trying to keep his business afloat. They hadn't had a good day in months, and he couldn't blame his wife for thinking he was having an affair, with all the hours they had to put in.

"It just burns me up, the picture of him chasing some young hussy. I know I'm not as young as I used to be..."

"Nonsense, mom. Dad's just busy. You're still a young beautiful woman, and he isn't going to do better than you anywhere else," said Jon trying to comfort her.

Jon's mom, Jennifer, suddenly dropped 20 years, so that she was in her mid twenties. She still looked like a teenager, high, firm breasts, a slim waist, and radiant hair. On the coffee table, there were several magazines with her picture on the cover; she had gone back to modeling to help out with the family finances.

"I'm sure once he gets the business back on its feet, he'll be right back here."

"I just wish we were closer in age. You know, we originally only got married because of you. It took a lot of work to keep the judge from sending him to jail, given how young I was. We really do love each other, but it's hard, sometimes," she lamented. While she was in her twenties, Sam was in his late 40s. It had been a big scandal when he had knocked her up with Jon at age 9. The age of consent was 11, but even so, having the father be a 24 year old had lead to a shotgun wedding. If it had happened today, she was sure it would have landed him in jail, no matter that girls were finished developing at 8.

"He's not that much older, mom," said Jon, blithely. "A couple of years isn't that bad."

Sam, Jon's 27 year old father, was just getting out of work, finally. Having a big company at his age was an accomplishment, but it was also really hard work. He was glad he had an understanding wife, or he suspected they'd probably be having on of those arguments like the people on TV, where the wife thinks her husband is cheating on her. He just wished he could get the business stable, so she could stop modeling and get back to being a live in mother like she wanted.

Glancing at the newspaper, he saw that there was a movement going in congress to raise the age of consent to 10. He shook his head. Why were the right wing politicians determined to be ridiculous? People were full grown and emotionally mature by age 8. Most people didn't even wait till age nine, anyway; it wasn't like the courts actually did anything as long as you were with someone your own age. Next thing you know, they would want to make people wait till 18, when they got out of school. It was just getting ridiculous.

Back at the house, the conversation had shifted to trivialities, neither one remembering that they were discussing anything really serious moments before. Jon still hadn't tested his wish; he had a pretty god life, so he was trying to descide what to use it for.

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