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2. Power

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2008-05-09 17:41:06

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Jon lay awake that night, dreaming of the possibilities that this stone held.

He had never been the most popular boy at school, never bullied, never paid any attention. Jon was the guy that people knew of but nothing about. For years he and Karyn had been dealt the least, always drawing the short straw.

Well now that was going to change.

Being no-one had reaped no benefits, now everyone would know him and everyone would respect him. They wouldn't have a say in the matter.

Taking a deep breath Jon stated,
"I wish that I was King of the World."

In a flash his room changed, the walls became lighter, eventually turning to marble, his bed became a huge and luxurious throne quilted with violet velvet. His room became his throne room, a room of cavernous volume.

He sauntered over to his throne after taking in the new sights. Suddenly being king didn't seem like such a great thing, so he decided that he would have to spice things up a little. Having power means nothing if you can't rub it in someone's face at some point.

What Jon needed was lackeys, minions. Not faceless goons, but people that he knew previously, people who needed to be shown some manners.

Each his friends would be given something nice, while each of his enemies would be given something demeaning. The logic was sound in Jon's eyes.

In his mind he pictured Karyn. For so long now he had been desperate to feel her flesh against his, to lock lips with her, but everytime he had tried he had been rejected laughingly. Now that his friend had enhanced features he only wanted her more.

Thinking for a minute, Jon said slowly,
"I wish Karyn was here in front of me."

In a second Karyn appeared, wearing nothing but a towel, hair dripping and barefoot she looked shocked for a moment. Then seeing Jon she rounded and screamed,

However Jon had just uttered the words,
"I wish Karyn was..."

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