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4. Femdom with mind control

3. Jon’s Fetish

2. A Horrible Mistake...(Reboot)

1. You Are What You Wish

Femdom mind control

on 2022-09-13 20:22:06
Episode last modified by OutofPhaze on 2022-09-13 20:23:13

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For years Jon had been a huge fan of hypnosis and mind control, particularly when it came to seeing attractive women helplessly following someone else's instructions.

Then about a year ago, while watching a Hypno-girls video, he began to wonder what it might actually be like for the girl herself. In that particular video, the girl had seemed to be completely under, which made it super-hot for Jon.

Of course, he knew that 99% of the hypno porn on the net was probably just average to bad acting, but in his fantasies, the girls were deeply entranced, often with no idea what their trigger phrases or words might be, nor how they would respond.

Going back to Jon's favourite video, the girl in question, Kira was her name (probably a fake,) anyway, whenever the hypnotist said a particular word, she would have an orgasm.

But not just any orgasm, a huge, long lasting multi-orgasm that left her weak, dazed and confused. The look of shock in her eyes almost every time when it began was so hot. So too, seeing her legs give way when she was triggered while standing up, most often totally naked!

So, anyway, Jon began to wonder what it would be like to be Kira in that situation, what would she feel? He began to fantasize that for some reason, they had swapped bodies and he was the one performing for the video, and she was watching and enjoying the show.

On some level, it disturbed Jon that he wanted to be a girl. He liked girls, and had no interest in guys at all, but at the same time, the idea of actually being a girl was more than a little arousing.

So, he decided (perhaps sub-consciously) to look into forced feminization, being made over into a girl, but "against his will". That in turn led him straight back to hypnosis and mind control again. At the same time, Jon had also started to pay closer attention to the females in his life, his mum, his sister, the girls at school and of course Karen.

He began to notice what they chose to wear, how they moved, what they seemed to like and dislike. Then, late at night, as he rubbed one out, he would imagine that someone, usually Karen, had suddenly gained the ability to transform him into her feminine plaything, that she would make him wear all sorts of uncomfortable, impractical women's clothes, and make him (now her) have all sorts of sex, all while helplessly following her commands, primarily for her amusement.

For Jon, that was his go-to fantasy scenario. Of course, over the years he would change the setting, the girl who dominated & changed him, as well as the types of clothes. Sometimes he would imagine that he and the girl had swapped bodies and so he would end up having sex as a girl, with his own former body, but that wasn't his favourite.

Occasionally the Dom in his fantasy would employ a strap-on or some magical device, so that he would have to experience full on penetration as a girl. But always, for Jon, the sex was immensely pleasurable, and eventually, he would be returned to his normal male body.

That was kind of a big thing for Jon, the fact that these fantasies were always temporary, just a bit of time as a hot girl, some sexy fun and games, then back again with no bad consequences. However, lately, in his fantasies, he had begun to imagine being stuck for longer periods as the entranced girl, being made to do more and more stuff outside of his/her comfort zone, perhaps even being punished for his fantasies or educated on the realities of womanhood.

So, when the door flew open, just as he hit the gravy stroke, Jon was in a real mess, in more ways than one. It took him a few moments to realize who was standing there staring at him, the look on her face showing clearly that she knew full well exactly what he had been doing...

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