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2. A Better World

1. You Are What You Wish

A Better World

on 2008-04-23 06:06:03

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"You know Karyn, I've been thinking," Karyn began. Jon had invited her over to his house that afternoon to discuss the stone in private. "Why should we use the stone only for our own selfish desires. There's so much wrong with the world! Why can't we help to make it a better place?"

"Where did this come from?" Asked Jon.

"Well, I was watching the news last night, which I don't usually do because its always so depressing, and it occurred to me that, for the first time in my life, I actually can make a difference! Why should we have global warming, or children starving in Africa, when we can change the world all by ourselves, with this one little rock?"

Jon smiled. He had planned to wish for rare comic books, but when Karyn put it like that, he knew he would feel bad if he didn't at least make some provisions for the world before hand.

"Well, I'm all in favour of a better world," Jon said, removing the stone from the box in which he kept it on his desk. "What shall we wish for first?"

Karyn replied: "How about..."

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