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2. Distracted Jon

1. You Are What You Wish

Distracted Jon

on 2008-04-20 03:19:03

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(Barry the help)
Jon and Karyn where walking home from school talking.

"Boy these boobs are so annoying we really need to think of a way to fix 'em" Karyn said.

"Uh Hu" Jon responded in a flat

Karyn picked up on Jon's distraction and decided to have a little fun.

"Jon wanna fuck right hear and now?" Karyn said knowing that it usually worked when Jon got spicy

"huh" was all Jon said

"So Jonny-boy I was thinking we could use the stone to make you a girl with pert little breasts and a craving to suck cock" Karyn said shore this would get a rise out of Jon

"Shore" Jon said in that annoying flat tone

Karyn was getting worried if that didn't get a rise out of Jon no verbal method would.

So in desperation she kicked him in the gut

"Gawd dammet Karyn why'd you do that?" Jon shouted

"You where freaking me out nothing I said worked, Just be glad I could reach that high" Karyn responded

"Ok sorry"

"So what sent you past Pluto this time?"

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