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2. Temptation

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2008-04-03 16:59:14

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Jon sat on his bed looking at the stone, he hadn't quite worked up the courage to tell Karyn way he really wanted to lock the thing away.

The problem was he was tempted, very tempted to use the thing; because Jon had a secret, a fetish, an obsession that he thought he could never fulfil because for all intents and purposes it was impossible.

You see Jon had a transformation fetish, one that couldn't be satisfied with a little role play.

He literally wanted to watch as someone was completely remade into something, someone completely different; it wasn't just the end product that he was interested either, it was the transformation itself and despite all the stories he read on the 'Net, Jon had always known that the kind of "Magical" transformations he craved were impossible and that he was always destined to be frustrated.

But now here he was with a stone that could DO the impossible, like something straight out of all his favourite stories, and the temptation was almost overwhelming.

Slowly Jon reached out for the stone; he was by god going to do it, because he knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would never have an opportunity like this again and that if he didn't grasp it with both hands, then whatever else came of the stone, it would gnaw at him.

Having made his decision, it was as if a great weight had been lifted from him; looking at the stone in his hand he grinned confidently and thought of the best way to go about this.

There was one type of transformation that was the centre, the focus of Jon's obsession. It wasn't one of the popular ones like TG, BE or AR and AP, nor even something like Bimboization; no what interested him was people being turned into...

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