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2. Jon's Little Secret...

1. You Are What You Wish

Poor Sims, Poor Jon?

on 2008-04-02 18:24:46

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As soon as Jon got home, he booted up his computer. Few people knew he played the Sims 2, and he liked that. He liked even more than even fewer people knew that he liked to crossdress his sims. The idea of crossdressing his little people excited him, though he had no idea why; he never thought of it outside of the game.

The men in his neighborhoods were quite often prettier than the women, and were often paired up with each other. The male sims that came with the game were unrecognizable, and led the meek, unassuming lives of housewives, while the women, who usually looked like men, worked. The men got pregnant and had the children, due to a game modification he'd installed. He thought no one knew about this.

Someone did. His mom had been curious about his game the moment she saw the box, when he brought it home, and one day she'd gone onto his computer and opened up the program. She immediately went into the Create-A-Sim screen, and was disappointed to find absolutely no male clothes that actually belonged on a male. Pages of dresses, skimpy tops, short skirts and lingerie stared out at her from the Adult male sim section, and a similar sight from Teen. The Child section was filled with frilly dresses.

Linda was fairly sure these clothes didn't come with the game. She'd looked around after that, and seen the bizarre families. The thought of her son doing this was sickening, and as she came into his room to clean up, she saw him hastily close a window on his computer. She was fairly sure of what it was. Cleaning up his bed caused a rock to fall out of the covers onto the floor, and she picked it up, carrying it with her for no reason as she walked out. "That boy is filthy. Rocks in his bed? I don't know where I went wrong raising him... I wish he knew how his little Sims felt."

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