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2. Reversing Stereotypes and othe

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Reversing Stereotypes and other stories

avatar on 2016-03-13 10:17:04

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So it looks like for the last few chapters of this story I'm taking over, although that could be because Smitty2 is busy which is understandable. How is everyone finding it so far? I have a few ideas for the next coue of chapters but after that at this point I'm stuck so it would great if other people add to it.

I realise that the last few chapters I added are quite long and maybe a bit more serious than usual but that was just how I saw the story going and once I have an idea I have to write it down, which brings me on to my next point.

I have an idea for another story but I'm not sure where to post it, it doesn't belong on here because it's not a magical story and it doesn't involve Jon or Karyn. I realise that there's sites like Fictionmania or tg storytime but I'm not sure about those either. I could potentially start a blog for these stories like others have but again not sure. Any suggestions would be great.

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