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7. The Plain-Looking Ring

6. It couldn't hurt to look

5. Black Market Vendor Perhaps?

4. Into the market square

3. David Begins The Game

2. Meet Suzie as yourself

1. The Future of Gaming

The Plain-Looking Ring

on 2012-02-27 08:41:36

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Knowing that I couldn't possibly pay for the gold amulet or a silver necklace, I gestured towards the plain-looking ring. Its surface was that of dull metal and even looked chipped here and there. Frankly, it looked cheap and therefore I felt like it was the easiest thing to pay for.

"You have a good eye," the deep-voiced man said.

Really? It didn't look like anything special. But perhaps looks could be deceiving?

He asked for five gold pieces and I gave it to him. Then, in a puff of smoke, the cloaked man was gone.

I wondered if I should use the ring myself or wait until I met up with Suzie and give it to her. As I left the alley, I wondered exactly what the ring did.

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