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6. Picking on the boy

5. A few hands

4. A Deck

3. Summer Camp

2. And now for something complete

1. You Are What You Wish

Tricky little devils.

on 2011-03-04 20:12:56

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"Yay! I win again!" Mary exclaimed jubilantly. "Now what to trade... it said it could be anything not just physical things right?"

"Ya thats what it said so you could even make Dan like girls if you were willing to like boys." Jean said mischievously.

"Please don't do that." Dan said with a look of fear on his face.

"Oh don't worry I wont do anything like that.. yet. But what to do. I already stole Alex's hair style so I could just get more from her....." Mary pondered untill Jean called her and Alex over and bent down and whispered in their ears so the boys were only able to catch parts of their conversation. "No Way! Oh come on!".......OneDay......Comfortable.....gross......interesting......fine.....Follow through."

"OK!" Mary said after the group had dispersed. "I want to swap Groins with Dan."

"WHAT!" Dan yelled as he quickly put his hand on his dick which was quickly fading. He kept his hand there as it continued to sink into his body until it formed into a vagina, Mary's Vagina. At the same time Mary was watching as a bulge formed in the front of her shorts. "Why?" He said as he looked up at the girls with one of his fingers emphasizing his new equipment.

"Why not this summer's going to be pretty crazy so why not get it started earlier. It will be fun think about all the insight you will get into a girls every day life with a vagina in between your legs. You may even find it more comfortable when we go into the forest around here without something so sensitive hanging inbetween your legs." Jean said.

"Yea lets play another round!" Alex said as she quickly dealt out another hand. "Dont think that because you have a vagina you can just Pussy out." And it wasn't until Dan picked up his cards that he realized that he should have dropped out. As they played the game Dan got a terrible hand and Alex won.

"Oh goody I Want to swap chests with Dan." She said and quickly her chest deflated and Dan got her small B-cups.

"You guys turned me into a chick!" Dan yelled as he cupped his chest. Though the weren't that large.

"I would yell at you for feeling up my boobs but I guess they are technically yours now. But try to take it easy. You up for one more or are you done?" Alex said.

"Done, defiantly done." Dan assured as he backed away from them.

"Well Mary want to run a few more for fun?" Alex asked.

"Sure I can think of some things I would like to try out." Mary said as she Dealt out the cards again though they were both a little distracted when they started playing due Mary with her friend and Alex kept patting her chest. Paul walked over to his former male friend.

"Dude you Ok?" he said.

"They took my dick, and gave me boobs things are not really great right now." Dan said. "The only plus side is that I'll be able to see Mary's Vagina and play with Alex's tits any time I want to until tomorrow." He said managing a weak grin.

"You'll have to show me sometime, but the girls definatly got the plus side today. I'm gonna be a freakin midget for a while at least they didn't shrink you down. Who knows maybe the cards will be in our favor tomorrow." He said with a smile.

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