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4. A Deck

3. Summer Camp

2. And now for something complete

1. You Are What You Wish

The Deck of Cards

on 2011-03-02 02:42:14

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"Hey check this out!" Paul said as he held up a pack of old trading cards.

"Good Job you found a pack of old card some kid left behind years ago." Dan said.

"Ya ya but there was a note wrapped with it. Ahem. If you found this note then you probly have a deck of cards in your hands, and about to have a very fun time if you take me seriously. Those cards are magic and can be either a curse or a blessing. You play a game of Poker with a group though there is nothing to bet, but the winner will get a reward. The winner gets to choose one thing to swap with any other participant in the game. The Swap can be anything from hair color to your favorite flavor of ice cream. This gets activated by saying 'I want to Swap ---- with ----.' Also it takes some time in order to change back the swaps between two people and the cards will often just do the next best thing if not enough time has passed. Also don't worry about anyone noticing the changes they don't get noticed by anyone who didn't play the hand unless you specifically state that you want them to be though I would advise against this. No this is not a joke and I'm not crazy, in fact I still have the hair color of someone I played with and we decided to keep it this way for a year. The only thing I ask is that at the end of your time here to put the cards back where you found them so my group can undo some changes when we return. "

"Good story Paul now its my turn, there once was a cabin on the top of a hill..." Alex started.

"I'm not joking its really written here." Paul said as tossed her the paper.

"Sounds pretty cool if its true, I wonder what I would look like with blond hair." Mary said as she pictured it in her mind.

"Well why don't we try it I mean what do we have to lose?" Jean said as she snatched the cards and dealt them out to the group.

"Sure why not? I'll take 2." Dan said after looking at is hand. After every one had taken their cards they showed them with Mary being the winner. "Well Mary I guess you have the Honors."

"Yaaay hmmmm... I guess I'll go with you Alex I want to swap hair color with Alex."Mary stated ans soon after she felt like water was washing over her head. She saw out of the corner of her eye as her hair seemed to change from Red to Blond in a waterfall like way.

"Oh MY GOD! I'm a Ginger!" Alex exclaimed as she brought the hair to the front of her face to examine it. The rest of the group just looked at the two with astonishment. It had actually worked.

"Do you feel alright?" Jean questioned them.

"Ya but its just I'm, I'm, I'm blond now! These cards really work this is Amazing!" Mary said enthusiastically. "Lets go another round this could be the greatest summer ever!"

"I don't know these cards could be dangerous." Dan said slowly.

"Oh come on dude this could be a lot of fun. Who knows you might even get my sexiness if you win enough hands." Paul joked.

"Well I guess since I'm already in this I might as well keep going. It actually seems like it could be a lot of fun." Alex admitted.

"Well then lets do it. I say the cards should never leave this cabin either and we play every night though you don't have to if you don't want to unless someone wants something back. Sound good." Jean said as everyone nodded. "Great! Lets play who knows I might even get some hight and leave someone else the midget." She smiled as she dealt another hand.

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