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7. Hair Styling

6. The Sissy Curse.

5. A Sister's Curse

4. The next morning

3. My Sister the Witch

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Sissy Curse: Hair Styling

avatar on 2018-05-09 11:30:10

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"Now, I don't have time to be going into bigger things with you since you do have school today, but I can at least spare the time to do this." Linda said, picking up a hairbrush and quickly going over Jon's hair. Unfortunately for him it was long enough that he had been thinking of getting it cut soon, so it did pull a little as Linda brushed it into a more noticeable side parting. She then pulled a couple of barrettes out of a box on her vanity, using them to keep any hair from getting in Jon's eyes.

"There we go." Linda said, turning Jon around to see his reflection. Thankfully, given the fact that it was a small change, he'd be able to put his hair back to normal once he was out of the house. "We'll look into getting you some extensions or a wig later, but for now, this should do. Remember, keep your hair styled and presentable at all times."

Something about that made Jon feel a little uneasy.

"T-Thanks Mom, but I'd best get going. I'm meeting Karyn before school." Jon replied.

"Of course honey. Take this brush with you. You never know when you might need to neaten things up a little." Linda replied, handing him a smaller, foldable hairbrush.

Jon took it, figuring he'd be able to get out faster if he just rolled with it. He quickly grabbed his bag, put the brush in there (no doubt Mom would want it back later) before going back to his room to make sure that the stone was safely hidden away.

'If this is going to happen to me all day, just taking the stone to school would be dangerous.' Jon thought, 'I'd best leave it here.'

He put the stone back in its box and then slid it under his dresser. It was fairly heavy, so he didn't have to worry as much that someone would have reason to move it.

'Right, now that that's sorted, I'd best get to Karyn.' He thought, quickly leaving the house.

As Jon left the room, Linda smiled before her expression changed again, the curse's effect on her fading. She returned to her business, forgetting that she had just given Jon a somewhat girly hairstyle.

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