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New episode branch

avatar on 2015-12-28 01:03:15

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Hey guys, while I'm a frequent reader on this site this is my first time writing an epsode. I have decided to start a new episode branch which you can find here;=nospamstory

The idea behind this is that while there are a few episodes about gender role reversal (which is one of my favourite types of stories) there aren't many, that I know of, that go beyond more than 2 or 3 chapters or doesn't go into enough detail about the role reversal.

So it is my intention to get a story started based on this idea, it would be great if any of you regular authors could contribute.

I used the idea of an alternate universe because I could use the clause that Jon can get out of a situation at anytime, although I would like it to continue. I also in the first chapter have left it open so that people can contribute to the stories of other universes if they wish.

In regards to the gender role reversal universe I have tried to set up the rules for that world but if anyone has any questions about feel free to ask here. Also I used this blog as kind of an influence.

PS I apologise for the spacing on the last chapter, I'm new to writing on this site and I forgot to click preview before submitting.

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