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2. More Definitive Rules?

1. The Forum

More Definitive Rules?

on 2015-07-14 13:12:26

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So these are the rules of the stone from YAWYW:

*1. It grants wishes by saying "I wish" followed by your wish (obviously)

  1. You have to hold the stone against your flesh (I saw this one being broken before)

  2. You can change your wish once your breath is over (I've seen people who thought that it was reverse, not change)

  3. You can reinterpret your wish (why wasn't that whole thread about a random wish for something interesting just reinterpreted?)

  4. Your wish is limited by "several miles" (could've wished to know exactly how much)

  5. People within earshot or outside the several mile range will notice the changes, while everyone else would've thought it's range was unlimited. (This means deaf and sleeping people are not affected)*

Apart from the questions I have listed above, there are a few more things

*What if I traveled back in time and wished I would never have wished my wish?

How does this universe deal with time paradoxes?

Can I reinterpret my wish to have a time limit, or is that a change?

Can I travel to parallel universes/ alternate dimensions where my desired change will be granted?

Can these rules be changed with wishes?*

I get that each writer should be able to write whatever they want, and that I shouldn't be talking because I haven't actually written many episodes, but I would like some clear specifications decided by the community, instead of finding discontinuities as I go from story to story.

Anyway, it's yours to decide

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