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2. Karyn Decides To Change Jon Fo

1. You Are What You Wish

Playing With Fire

on 2018-05-07 16:46:49

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After school Jon sat in his bedroom waiting for Karyn to come over and trying to think of something cool he could do with the stone. Staring down at the rock he couldn't help but let his mind wander. 'I can do anything, be anyone,' he thought to himself. But he didn't want to get stuck like Karyn was after her wish. There had to be a way to keep from permanently losing himself in a wish. Then it hit him. Without a second thought he picked up the stone and clenched it tight in his fist.

"I wish that for the next 2 minutes my penis would be 18 inches long," he said.

The familiar gleam of the stone caused him to close his eyes for a second. Then suddenly, he felt it. His penis was straining to be contained in his pants. He couldn't imagine how male porn stars dealt with such massive dicks all the time. He finally had to unzip his pants just to let the pressure off. He adjusted a bit and it felt more comfortable, but for some reason he just didn't feel right. His body felt alien and out of his control. When the two minutes were up he actually breathed a sigh of relief. He zipped his pants up and looked down at the stone still clenched in his hand.

"If I'm going to make changes to myself, even on a temporary basis, I need to still feel like myself. I wish that if anything changes about my body I will feel like my body has always been that way even if I know it hasn't," Jon said and smiled a bit when the wish was granted. He happened to glance out the window and see Karyn walking up to his house. 'Sheesh, she takes forever with her chores,' he thought to himself as he ran down to let her in.

Once they were both upstairs Karyn plopped down on Jon's bed. "So, Jon-boy, made any good wishes yet?"

Jon figured it wasn't worth it to tell her about his dick wish, she'd just think he was gross. "Nah, been waiting on you to finally get here. I did have an idea to help prevent permanent changes, though..."

"You mean put conditions on our wishes that let us reverse them?" Karyn said.

"Well, I was just going to say put time limits on our wishes, but your way makes sense, too."

The two of them spent the rest of the afternoon playing around with the stone making crazy changes to themselves. They even made a game out of it. One of them would go into Jon's closet and make a wish so the other couldn't hear what it was and the other had to try to figure out what had been changed. Thanks to the stone altering reality so that anyone who didn't hear the wish thought results of the wish were part of the normal reality it made the game nearly impossible to win. Still, they had fun seeing just how out there they could make the other person and have them still think everything was normal.

"Jon, I want to try something different," Karyn said after a particularly weird wish that had caused her to talk through her nipples.

"How so?" Jon said.

"Well, so far we've only made short term changes or minor, if weird, alterations to our bodies, but what if we did something more long term, something that changed our very sense of being for a period of time."

Jon sat down at his desk and looked down at the stone. "I don't know, Karyn, that seems like it could get dangerous if we end up doing something with the stone that can't be reversed while we're changed. But you might have something there. Ever since you swapped our clothes I've been curious about what would happen if we took the changes beyond the superficial"

"Here's what I'm thinking, we do it one at a time, that way the other person can act as a spotter of sorts to keep the other out of trouble."

"That could work. All right, I'm in," Jon said.

"Great, I was hoping you'd say that." Karyn jumped from the bed and snatched the stone from Jon's hand before he could do anything to stop her. "I wish you'd stand right there until I come out of the closet."

Karyn darted into the closet and closed the door behind her. She knew Jon would never have agreed to the plan she had in mind, but after seeing how well he'd adapted to all the changes she'd made to his body earlier, she was curious to see what would happen if she took it a step further. But what could she do to him? As she stood in the dark closet thinking she could feel the pulsing of music through the wall. Jon's little sister Zoe must have come home from wherever she and the other Goths liked to hang out. Jon and Zoe used to be close before she'd gotten into high school and started drifting towards a different crowd than her brother. They still got along pretty well, but Karyn could tell Jon missed his mousy little sister. Thinking about that gave Karyn the perfect idea on how to mess with Jon and maybe even help him get close with his little sister again.

"I wish that starting tomorrow when he wakes up and lasting for one week, Jon will be transformed into the identical twin of his sister, Zoe, and be known as Chloe Madison. I wish that for the duration of this period Jon will remember who he really is but have all the knowledge, skills, and mannerisms needed to act as Chloe. I also wish that for as long as he is Chloe he will not suspect that I or the stone had anything to do with his transformation. I also wish that any wishes made on the stone while Jon is Chloe will only last for as long as he is her. Finally, I wish that when I come out of the closet Jon will believe that I only just then took the stone from his hand as if no time has passed and forget that I had been in the closet."

Karyn walked out of the closet and Jon suddenly started moving again.

"Karyn, what the hell do you think you're doing?" he snapped.

"Relax, Jon-boy, I'm just messing with you," she answered and tossed the stone back to him. "I just wanted to see how you'd react, that's all."

"Sheesh, give a guy a heart attack why don't you."

Before Karyn could say anything else Jon's mother called from downstairs, "Jon, it's time to set the table for dinner. Oh, and Karyn's mom called and said she needs to get home for dinner herself."

"Guess we better call it a night," Jon said. "See you tomorrow?"

"But of course," Karyn said with a wink as she stood up and walked out of Jon's room. "Tomorrow is a brand new adventure, after all."

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