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5. Femdom - Mommy

4. Femdom

3. Jon's fetish

2. Karyn borrows

1. You Are What You Wish

Femdom - Mommy

on 2022-07-18 00:29:30
Episode last modified by Darkangel on 2022-07-18 00:30:03

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Jon woke up the next day and quickly got dressed and ready for school. His mind wonder throughout the morning already thinking of all the possibilities of the stone as he entered the kitchen and grab a bowl of cereal and sat down at the table. Quickly he started eating so he can meet up with Karyn as quick as possible.

“Morning Jon” he heard his mom say across the room. Jon put down his as he glanced up at his mom as she was pouring herself a cup of coffee.

Jon eyes quickly were glued to his mom as he noticed stunning beautiful she looked today. Jon always felt his mom was ok looking but today was different.

She was wearing a satin white blouse that hugged her figure, a pencil thin leather skirt and a pair of strappy 4 inch heels. Completely different then her normal work day attire of slacks and a blouse.

Jon continue to stare with his mouth wide open, as he mother interrupts him

“Is there something the matter Jon? She ask

Jon gulps as he finally closed his jaw and responds. “Wow, um no nothings is the matter. Umm you look hot, no amazing umm I mean nice today.

She smile inward feeling how nice it felt from Jon compliment and how cute he look all flustered like he was her little boy again. She responded. “I just felt like changing it up today. I am the boss at work and I decided I should look the part.” As she continued “Thank you for the compliant baby that made my morning.” Enjoying this feeling she went over and gave him a kiss of the cheek. And whispers in his ear “Mommy loves you”

Jon blushing bright at her reply and as he realizes he is turned on. Refusing to looks her in the eye, he looks down at her feet and say. “Your welcome mommy”. He felt odd. He did not call her that since he was 7. For some odd reason he felt weaker around her this morning and he was enjoying it.

His mom stands up and slowly walks back to her coffee. “Jon baby can you do me one quick favor behover you go to school?” She asks

Jon quickly replied trying to gain back some dignitary. “Yes whatever you need”

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