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2. upvote lists for writers and s

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upvote lists for writers and submissions

on 2022-06-16 20:32:45
Episode last modified by Thisisnota Realname on 2022-06-16 20:34:03

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I don’t know if it is feasible, but could the mods set it up so that if you click a nonzero number listing a submission’s “number of upvotes”, that it would then show you a list of everyone that upvoted it? Possibly also you could go to any user’s page and see a list of every page upvoted by them next to who wrote those pages too, so that I would know to avoid that writer if it’s basically just a list of their own content. I think that is just a good idea in general. That would make it easy to determine who is cheating, upvoting their own pages, whether directly with the account they submitted it under, or going so far as to do it multiple times with alt accounts because the same set of accounts would be upvoting their own submissions and no one else’s or drastically more than anyone else’s. Like the way it is with disqus comments or deviantart pages. Ideally it wouldn’t even be a separate page but just a dropdown list that appears when you click on it. So for example if alice writes 20 pages and all of them are upvoted by alice, I’d like to know that. And even worse, if 15 of them are upvoted by bob and charles and doug, yet bob and charles and doug don’t do anything but upvote alice’s pages, it would be good if that information was visible. I’m inclined to not want to read things that were upvoted by their own authors and given an inflated appearance of how good they are. The upvoting system as it currently stands is rather sus.

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