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2. A Reversal of Fortunes

1. You Are What You Wish

A Reversal of Fortunes

on 2022-06-11 01:57:44

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Jon sat on the edge of his bed late that evening, idly turning the Wishing Stone in his hand. He'd made a few safety wishes already, wishing that he'd always be able to remember the original reality, that his wishes wouldn't inadvertently destroy his family or his connection with Karyn and that the stone couldn't be taken from him against his will.

However after covering his bases he found himself stumped about what to actually do with the stone. So much awesome power rested in the palm of his hand and it was honestly a little overwhelming to the teen. It was easily the luckiest thing to have ever happened to him. To be fair Jon had never been particularly lucky in life before. His family was decidedly lower middle-class and it was a miracle of districting that he ended up in as good of a school district as he had. That said it meant he went to school with a bunch of kids who were mostly richer than him, and years of being sneered at for his hand me downs had gotten to him a bit if he was honest.

He had a good friend in Karyn but his social circle wasn't particularly robust outside of her. There a few kids he was friendly with in class but few he could call close friends. He wasn't involved in any extracurricular if for no other reason than that he wasn't particularly talented or passionate about any of the ones offered. There were things he enjoyed, like video games or his grandfather's archeology stories, but he didn't have the confidence to put himself out there and find those with similar interests. Frankly he was a bit shy. If Karyn hadn't approached him when they were in kindergarten and basically forcibly made him her best friend, he likely would be even more isolated.

To top it off he wasn't much of a physical specimen either. While not overweight he was decidedly doughy rather than well muscled and gym class was the bane of his existence. It didn't help that the captains of the school's football and basketball teams, Biff and Steve, were among his chief bullies, further discouraging him form engaging in physical activities at school. Of course the worst of his and Karyn's tormentors was Sarah McMillan, the beautiful daughter of the richest family in town, head cheerleader and queen bee of the school.

"Gah, people like Sarah have all the luck," Jon muttered. "I wish people like her could see what it was like if our fortunes were flipped." The wishing stone glowed brightly and Jon's eyes shot open as he realized what he'd inadvertently done. He started to stand up before collapsing asleep on his bed as the magic began to spread through the town, beginning to make it's changes.

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