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2. A New Truth

1. You Are What You Wish

A New Truth

avatar on 2008-03-22 15:54:35

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As Jon walked home, he thought of different things he could wish for. As much as the ability to make wishes was dangerous, making wishes could also be a good thing, if done right. But it would be even better if Jon didn't have to use the stone at all, since if he made a mistake, he couldn't undo it. But what to wish for? What kind of an ability could be used to improve the lives of others, to be a force of good?

After he got home, Jon had answered his own question. And he made his wish.

"I wish that when I talk to someone, he or she will believe that I am telling the truth. But," Jon added. "I wish that when that happens, it will not change reality." He wanted to make sure that the stone didn't grant his wish in the wrong way.

This ability would allow Jon to better other people's lives. There were too many people out there that had made wrong decisions. Jon felt that it was now up to him to rectify their lives, in a way that he saw fit.

But, of course, even an ability like this could be used in the wrong way.

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