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3. Getting some back-up

2. Early the next morning

1. You Are What You Wish

WdtWG: Getting some back-up

on 2018-05-04 15:38:02
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2018-05-04 20:12:55

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Jon was rummaging through the cupboards when he looked at the rock in his hand. "What am I doing!? I can't risk making a mistake with this" Jon quickly grabbed some pop tarts and ran upstairs to call Karyn.

Jon: "Karyn! I need you to tell me if anything strange has happened this week. It's very important and about the rock"

Karyn: "When you say strange, do you mean stranger than me giving myself huge boobs yesterday?"

"Yes, exactly that... Wait, yesterday, but you gave yourself the boobs on Monday and today's Saturday"

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