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2. Karyn's POV

1. You Are What You Wish

Keeping Her Cool

on 2008-02-27 21:29:35

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"No. At least not yet. Let me go home and sleep on it - on my back - and decide what's best. I don't think now is the time to be rash." With that she was up off the wall and walking away. "Meet me here again tomorrow," she called back before she disappeared around the corner.

I looked down at the box and shoved it in my pocket. I decided that tomorrow I was going to leave it at home, well-hidden from Mom. I figured it was less likely to cause more trouble if it was less directly accessible.

I looked around the now deserted yard and decided it was time to slope off home. Tomorrow was a new day and there was only one way to find out what it would bring...


I stopped as soon as I rounded the corner. What the hell was wrong with me! I usually wasn't so careless. Of course, I'd never found myself in a situation like this before, but I still couldn't believe what I had accidentally wished upon myself. Leaning against the red brick wall of the school, I once again looked down. My breasts weren't that noticeable right now. One of the things I loved about this old shirt was how loosely it fit me. Still, where before it had hung loosely over my chest, I could now make out the two new bulges just starting to make themselves apparent.

A wishing stone!

Twenty minutes ago, I'd never have believed it. I enjoyed reading fantasy stories and science fiction as much as the next person, probably one of the reasons that Jon and I had gotten along so well, but this seemed like exactly that. Something out of a book! Still, there they were. Two large breasts sticking out of my chest as a testament to my inability to keep my mouth shut.

And the hair! I had always kept my hair short for a reason. It was much easier to manage, and I didn't have to spend much time on it in the morning. Once again holding a few stray locks in front of my eyes, I had to keep from screaming out. And it just had to be blond! I had never been a very big fan of blond women. I hated the whole ditsy act that so my of them put on for men. To me, blond hair meant phony.

What the hell was I going to do? would anybody notice? Would my family notice when I got home? Jon had said that anybody who didn't hear a wish would think that any affects were normal. What about those guys that had gone by though? Maybe they'd heard bits of my wish. I'd been awfully loud. If that were the case than maybe I'd have nothing to worry about. One thing still bothered me though. This bra hurt like hell! It was way too small for my new endowments.

I looked around. By now everybody had gone home, and I seemed to be the only one near by. Setting my trapper keeper down, I reached up underneath my shirt and undid my bra clasp. That felt so much better! I worked my arms around until I was able to pull the plain black undergarment out through my sleeve and stuff it in my pocket. Now that they weren't restrained, I felt the sudden weight on my chest. I just couldn't win! Still at least it didn't feel like I was being squeezed to death!

Feeling a little bit better, I started to think about my careless wish again. God I was an idiot! Jon had wanted to share the stone with me cause I was his best friend, and he trusted me to be careful. What had I done? The instant he handed me the stone, I'd opened my big mouth and made an extremely careless wish. A wish that, I hoped, we would be able to do some damage control on tomorrow, cause I sure as hell didn't want to go through the rest of my life with these things attached.

For a minute, I thought about going over to Jon's right away. I knew I said that I wanted to sleep on it before we tried to fix things, but I'd really just been trying to play it cool. I'd been hoping to salvage at least some of his opinion of me. Sure, I'd opened my big mouth and said something I probably shouldn't have, but look how calmly I was reacting to it. At least if he realized that I didn't freak out at the first sign of trouble he might not ban me from using the rock, or worse erase my memory of it...

Could he really do that? I started to wonder. Did he really have the ability to affect my mind and memory. I actually chuckled. This was Jon we were talking about. We'd been friends for the better part of a decade. Even if he could, he wouldn't do something like that to me... right? Of course not! Jon was a much better person than that.

Picking up my trapper keeper, I decided it was time to head home. If I didn't get home soon, or at least call, my family would start to worry. As I started walking, feeling a little more confident, I noticed in the distance, three girls sitting on the grass in their cheerleader uniforms.

It Queen Bitch Sarah McMillan and two of her cheerleading flunkies. I tried to turn, but it was too late. Sarah, apparently noticing me out of the corner of her eye, motioned for me to walk over there...

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